Website Design Features

Behind the beautiful interface, We use WordPress for our website design projects. Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the the platform can do.


  • Contemporary Templates – world-class team of web designers has created each design. Our designs are built with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript techniques.
  • Designed for Any Purpose – Every Staple digital design supports key content styles, including Pages, Galleries, Blogs, Commerce, social media, and more.
  • In-Built Mobile Websites – Our designs includes a distinctive mobile capability that fits the style of your website, so that the content will look fantastic on all devices. The option to disable the mobile view from content management system is available.
  • Design Editor – Various customizable settings are available, includes fonts, colours, and page designs, all Staple digital websites are all made to look exceptional.
  • Customizable Content Layouts – Each website is designed with customizable Content Grid system. Pages, blog posts, footers, and sidebars can use all available Content grid styles (video, text, etc.)
  • Google Fonts – We design websites with a set of fonts crafted from Google’s font library that can be used without embedding codes.
  • CSS – CSS is applied throughout all websites we design.

Image manager

  • Lightbox Display – All Staple digital websites have Lightbox functionality integrated into them, which allows for beautiful browser-sized imagery. The Lightbox display all of your images are available as per your requirements.
  • Picture SEO – You have the control over the file names of your picture’s names on your website.
  • Progressive Image Loading – At Staple digital we ensure that the images on the each page load first to ensure that your website is faster and more responsive to you websites visitors.
  • Image Editor – Images on websites built by Staple digital are all editable with resize, rotate, crop, contrast etc.
  • Responsive Image Loader – Our image loader selects the suitable size to load for every device and screen – including Apple, Android and Microsoft devices.
  • Instant Image upload – You can Drag and drop images from your files instantly onto our content management system.


  • Gallery Blocks – Gallery Blocks can be added on your website as per your requirements. Various styles of gallery presentation are available such as slideshows, sliders, grid layouts, and more.
  • Display – Each gallery blocks offers various lightweight hover and transition effects.
  • Galleries – All our gallery designs allows for you to mix media presentations, including video and audio content in addition to images in the same gallery.

Social Media And Connected services

  • Social Media Connection – Our websites are able to Link to various accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, Linkedin, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify, Vevo, Vine etc. We can also link you websites to your Google Play Store.
  • Social Connection – Social media profiles are display on every Staple Digital website, hence letting your clients or visitors follow you. We are able to present these profiles to compliment the design of the website.
  • Simple Importing – We can easily drag in content from Twitter, Foursquare or Instagram directly into any page of your site.
  • Facebook Connection – We connect your websites to your facebook page(s) to publish your entire content into the Facebook platform.
  • Simultaneous Posting – We can auto link your website with social profiles making it possible for you to post your content simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. All contents and images are optimized and tagged properly, to fit the descriptions.
  • OpenTable Extension – OpenTable extension can also be added to any page of your choice, so your visitors directly make reservations from your website.
  • 3rd Party Service Support – You can Connect to Google Analytics by providing your direct identification – we completely integrate this service as per your request.


  • Automatic Responsive Designs – Pages on all staple digital designs are completely responsive on any mobile device.
  • Full-Screen Editing – Our content management system lets you edit pages and blog entries using your full browser window.
  • Markdown Mode – Easily embed Markdown on your site with a Markdown Block.
  • Image Scaling – Images can be scaled to your preferred size so as to make sure it looks perfect, regardless of where you want to place the images. Click on the full image itself, then drag to crop it for best imagery for you website.
  • Text Wrap – To wrap text around an image, simply drag your Image Block over a Text Block. When the Insert Point turns into a box, drop the Image Block.
  • Video page – Publish videos from your YouTube profile without affecting your website design style using the Video grids Blocks with a customized image overlay.
  • Audio grids – With our web designs, you can embed your podcasts Sound cloud onto the audio grid. Our audio grid also supports iTunes of the podcast or audio is tag.
  • Archive – With Archive Blocks, you can group and display up to 1,000 content items (top-level group name, title and date only) by year, month, author, category or tag to create a rich index page.
  • Map Grid – It is simple to integrate Google Maps to your website design with our map grids.
  • Product grid – With our e-commerce websites, products can be placed into pages, sidebars or even blog entries.
  • Menu grids – Updating your business menu is easy using the menu grid, as the menu will be formatted automatically without having to change the text.
  • Meta tags and Indexing – This includes category indexes, author indexes or tag clouds for blog entries on your website.

User Data Collection And Forms

  • Form Extensions – The form extension supports more 19 different types of data such as addresses, currency, emails etc. Hence makes it easier to The incredibly robust Form Block supports over 15 different data types, such as addresses, currency, emails, and text fields, making it easy to collect data from your websites visitor.
  • Mailing List – Able to build a mailing list on YMLP by integrating the form extensions.
  • Newsletter tab – Enable newsletters from your website to your visitors by having a newsletter tab.

Website Control

  • Direct Editing – Content can be edited directly from your websites content management system.
  • Contact Information – Visitors accessing your website will be able to see your address, email, contact number, and business hours (opening/closing times).
  • Message bar – We can integrate a message bar on to your websites homepage to announce major promotions or news to the sites visitors.
  • Customized CSS – We are able to insert customized CSS to all our websites designs.
  • Customized URL icon – We can customize and change your websites URL icon into your preferred icon.
  • Website Password protection – Whilst you website is under construction, we can lock it entirely with a password, for it to remain protected.
  • Page protection – When required, individual pages on your website can be password protected for privacy purposes.
  • Custom Lock Screen – Customize the page that is displayed to visitors whenever a website or page is password-protected.
  • Deleted Recovery – You can recover deleted files, accidental or otherwise, from the trash. Contact us and we’ll be able to Recycle Bin with the click of a button.
  • Duplicate Pages – For testing purposes you can duplicate test pages, in other to increase the speed of the website.


  • Several Contributors – With our website designs, you are able to make your contributors have selective access to your site’s content, on permission basis.
  • Access Levels – You can create various access levels for your website, such as Editor, Assistant editor, site administrator, etc.
  • Integrated CMS Logins – With a single CMS login of your choice, you can manage multiple Staple digital websites at any one time.

Blogging For Your Website

  • CMS Editing – Within all Staple digital websites, content grids such as text, image, audios etc. are accessible to be used for all individual blog entries.
  • Social media Sharing – Our blogging platform supports an editable social media sharing link, which lets all your visitors share your fantastic content on the likes of Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook and other major social media sharing sites.
  • Workflow – Within our CMS, you can preset your post entries in Draft, Scheduled or Published. .
  • Markdown Support – Use the Markdown Block to compose posts using markdown.
  • Schedule Posts Entries – This allows you to schedule all your post entries/contents to be circulated in the future.
  • Podcast Support – Our websites and CMS supports all forms of podcasts.
  • Email content sharing – This is integrated onto your blog pages, as it lets all your post to be sent to your subscribers via email.
  • Extracts and URLs – You can save extracts and URL’s within post you make on our CMS.
  • Google Rank – Google rank is integrated into the profiles, which therefore increases your websites search engine coverage and index.
  • RSS support – All blog posts supports RSS readers like Flipboard, as they are readily integrated within each blog “by design” for reader support. This therefore makes it easy for your site visitors to add your feed to their newsreader by adding a subscribe button on your website.
  • External Link Structure – You can mark posts or identify them has external links.
  • Content Display Options – Blog posts for your website is extremely flexible and can be renamed to fit the style of you sit.
  • Customizable URLs – Every blog post has a unique permalink with a properly labeled, clean URL slug that can be customized.
  • Geo-tag – Geographic location can be attached/tagged to your posts.
  • Multiple Author integration – Blog posts can be published with multiple author contribution.

Customers / Audience Commenting

  • Comment Control – Comments can be controlled within a queue before they are published live on your website.
  • Commenter Verification – Avatars can be assigned to your active Commenters to verify their identity via various social networks.
  • Comments Feedback – Readers/visitors can flag comments that are identified as spam. The flagged comments can then be controlled once it reaches a flag count you have put in place.
  • Disable Comments – You can automatically disable comments entry in the CMS. Anonymous commenters can also be disabled or enabled.
  • Sort Comments – You can sort the comments on your websites by date, most liked and by criteria.
  • Comment Management – Approve or disapprove comments on your blog post.
  • Disqus Integration – You can add your Discus ID in to the CMS to replace the standard commenting system on the website. This is absolutely your choice.

Ecommerce The Right Way

  • Sell Anything – From your clothing brands to health and fitness products and many more. You can Sell unlimited products on our ecommerce plan.
  • Product Descriptions – As part of the product description, you can attach images, videos, text, audio and much more. All Content grids on our websites are to be used on the product pages.
  • Websites Optimized for Commerce – Your website is designed to help you sell your products and give customers a fantastic shopping experience; with zoom effect or quick product view included.
  • Merchandising – Your products can easily be organized and managed with the sorting tool that is a part of our CMS.
  • Quick View – The functionality allow customers preview a specific product detail. This feature is available in our ecommerce website design.
  • Product Zoom – Zoom effect can be selected and customized to either hover or click. The functionality is available on all our ecommerce websites designs.
  • Product Embed – Display products anywhere on your website, as long as the blog posts or pages supports it. Simply pull items from the collection of products into the right use a Product Block to pull items from your product collection into the right context.
  • Products and Services – Sell all sorts of products; be it digital products and physical items, using our CMS. .
  • Donations – Donations can be affected by installing the donation block. Donations are managed on a separate page from regular orders and purchases in your site manager.
  • Merchant Sign-up – Signing up to merchants like Stripe will allow you to start receiving money for your products/services and stop getting paid via cash in hand.
  • Track Payment Activity – You can track payments for your goods and service by integrating stripe or PayPal. With this you can track both the successful and unsuccessful payments.
  • Customizable Checkout – The checkout page is fully customizable into featuring your logo, colour, special delivery instructions etc. The checkout page is also Mobile friendly.
  • Mobile-Optimized Checkout – Staple digital’s checkout page looks fantastic and responsive on all devices. This therefore makes the checkout page easy for customers to navigate around.
  • Express Checkout – The feature allows you customers to go straight to checkout without accessing the shopping cart section. This is a faster way for customers to shop especially for single products.
  • Discount Code – You can create codes that apply to all the orders customers make, codes that are assigned to specific products, free shipping etc. Feel free to create discount codes to your specific requirements.
  • Social media Integrations – You can easily share your product updates and store news to Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.
  • Checkout Recovery – Recovery emails can be set up and sent automatically to customers who abandoned checkout.
  • Manage Orders – You can track outstanding orders and send update emails to your customers orders via the CMS of the ecommerce website design. Order/transaction emails to customers, order confirmation, fulfilled or refunded can all be customized to your specification
  • Shipping Options – Optional Shipping options for your store can be set to real time rates as needed.
  • Accounting Integration – You commerce website can be synced automatically with various accounting platforms such Sage and QuickBooks to track all your revenues, expenses and tax payments.
  • Ecommerce Analytics – With our CMS analytics, you can Comprehend how your business/online store is performing by monitoring the orders, units sold and which products are generating the most sales and driving traffic to the website. Integrating Google analytics to your website can also let you do the above and much more for greater insight into your transactions.
  • Transfer from Shopify/Big Cartel – We can help you transfer your existing Shopify or Big cartel store onto a Staple Digital website that you have complete control of.
  • Data Export – Store data can be exported to .csv format especially for accounting purposes.
  • Worldwide settings –  We design websites for clients across the world as we tailor your designs to your countries requirements.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • Searchable – Staple Digital designs websites and web pages that are index and search engine friendly due to the clean HTML markups.
  • Titles – You are in control of the titles you give to the individual pages on your website. Provide the page titles with title schemes and we will be sure to edit that for you.
  • Author Rank Support – It improves your search listing for articles and posts on any Staple digital website deign. This is a Google based feature that we integrate on to all our website designs.

Analytics - Track Your Visitors

  • Visitors and Visits – All your unique visits, visitors, and page views are all monitored regularly by our CMS. The real time view of this can be viewed at anytime with any device. The analytics also allows you to pinpoint where all your visitors are from and the key searches that are leading them to your websites.
  • Popular Content – Quickly identify the top performing content on your website.
  • RSS Data – Our CMS can provide accurate and simplified subscriber figures for business analysis. .

Ownership Of Content

  • Content Proprietorship – All content that is on your websites is completely yours.
  • Ad-Free Websites – Our websites are designed to allow you run advertisements and earn income from it depending on your choice, however we do not sell advertisements against your will or your content.
  • Staple Digital Symbol – All websites we design will display a “Powered By Staple Digital” symbol/writing at the footer of the website.
  • Privacy – At Staple Digital, we do not sell your data at all as our business model as been lucrative.

Your Domain Name And Your Emails

  • Free Domain name – All Staple Digital websites receive free customized domain name for a year.
  • Buying Domains – Your domain name can be purchased from partners at Godaddy. Buying domain name on their website is seamless and very simple.
  • Customized Emails – We create personalized emails addresses that are set up with your domain. .


  • 24/7 Support – We at Staple Digital offer email support with a 24-hour response time.
  • Our customer service team responds to your help requests within that period on



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