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Welcome to eCommerce website agency, a digital marketing agency that is ROI driven and known for our creative approach. We are a full service digital agency specialising in eCommerce design, web design and development, digital marketing and social media marketing .

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Our direct and results-driven digital marketing strategies speaks for itself. We offer bespoke & tailored digital marketing services to our clients, based in London or outside the UK.

We sincerely do not believe in a ‘one-solution-for-all’ approach to Search engine optimisation, Paid search, Social Media or Content marketing. Our digital marketing practice are fresh, creative and customer focused in order to drive their attention to your products or services.

If you want a sincere and genuine results online and also get to know how they’re achieved then contact us to see how we can make this happen.

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Benefits of our digital marketing service

A high performance digital marketing should engage and turn potential customers to buyers through great website design and a well executed SEO strategy.

Get measurable results

Digital marketing offers measurable results. With the right digital marketing strategies, you can get the right metrics and real time reports that tell you the how many people visited your website or opted for your services your or clicked particular link. This enables you to cut out the excess and focus on areas that guarantees results.


Digital marketing (depending on your business) enables you to use customer preferences and interests to send them bespoke marketing messages. You can segment your customers and send personalised messages to them. This is a huge asset as it makes potential customers feel connected to your brand and converts them into buyers.

Access to a larger audience

A well executed digital marketing strategy can get you access to a bigger audience both locally and abroad. We can expand your reach by auditing your business and implementing the right digital marketing channels to help you thrive.

Increased conversion rates

Again with a well executed digital marketing strategy, It takes a couple of clicks to convert a potential customer to a buyer. People don’t have to come to your shop or pick up the phone to become customers. Now, they can find out everything about your business and its offerings right from the comfort of their home and can easily be converted into customers, as long as you use the right strategies.

Increase Organic Traffic

Researching and implementing the right keywords that best describe both your business and services can increase your direct traffic directly from search engines. Using strategic SEO can help you climb up the search rankings and increase site traffic.


You get to manage your marketing budget effectively, whether this is £5 or £10,000. Advertising on social media, Google and Bing can be a cost effective and a cheaper option in comparison to Billboard advertising which can be very extremely expensive and restricted to their placement and locations.

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Lets make your digital marketing a success.

A business with a great digital marketing strategy will use SEO, PPC & content marketing to target, acquire and convert users into paying customers. If you want to thrive online, then we are the right digital marketing agency for you.

Lets make your ecommerce website come to life.

Building a successful ecommerce website is a huge undertaking. Often the clients we work with have a clear set objectives they wish to attain, but do not know how achieve that on their own.

With EWA you are not alone. We will be a digital extension to your business, more like your ecommerce website department. Providing you as much as you need to help your business thrive online.

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